A change in mindset

A change in mindset: what could go right when starting a new job?

Our minds are pretty phenomenal, really. Neuroscience has taught us that. We can create more positive experiences by imagining more helpful and optimistic outcomes. And rehearsing these in our minds. Perhaps you’ve had a go at this yourself?

This blog will set out an ideal scenario of starting out in a new role. One that goes well. Because all too often we think of the worst-case scenario. And all associated failures. But having a change in mindset, I feel, is very empowering.

Because why can’t we have a great experience? You have the skills, personality and tools to make it happen. You’ve been hired to do the role, after all.

After reading this – I encourage you to use this example or to write up your own ideal work scenario

“I’ve arrived at the office, and I’ve had a seamless journey. I’ve received clear instructions ahead of my first day in terms of where to park, which building to go to and who to ask for. I know where I’m heading, but at the same time, I’ve been here several times already. Not only for my interviews, but to meet with the team and to verse myself in the environment, and surrounding space. I’ve been allowed to take my time and wander; slowly, repeatedly, in ways that help me familiarise myself with my environment (I need clear, fixed landmarks). Plus, I’ve done two practise drives, so I’m confident about my journey. Did I mention that I start work at 7.30am? My workplace offers flexible working hours, and I’m so much more of a morning person. The roads are clear, plus I get to have some quiet time before the majority of my colleagues arrive. Though the noise isn’t too bad I’d say, as I have my headphones at hand, which I’m allowed to wear.

I have a meeting with my buddy booked in, who is brilliant, I must say

He’s friendly, supportive and genuinely wants to help me. I save up all my questions for him and we go through them one by one. He’s patient and has an open-minded approach to finding solutions. Even though I’ve only met him twice, I already feel that I have someone to go to if I have an issue. It’s nice to have started to build this relationship already – prior to starting my new job. Plus, he knows I’m autistic. I was a bit stressed out about no-one knowing this about me, but at the same time I didn’t wish to tell lots of people who I don’t know yet. With my buddy being in a separate team to me, he felt like the most apt person to tell.

The workplace environment is well designed and considered. There are soft lights that are adjustable in terms of their lev