Our activities and testimonials

Here is a summary of some of the work we’ve undertaken recently

We have:

  • Given talks and training to employers, enterprise advisers and recruiters
  • Spoken at conferences in the UK and in Europe
  • Run a week long training course with CareTrade for participants from overseas
  • Co-guest edited a special edition on employment of an academic journal on autism
  • Continued to grow the Job Coach Café, a peer support group for job coaches working with autistic people in the workplace, including running a monthly webinar on diverse topics
  • Run our second annual conference on Transitions (in conjunction with LSBU and CareTrade): Identifying and removing barriers
  • Provided information and guidance to autistic people and their advocates, and employers who contact us direct with requests for support
  • Supported the Fire Industry Association to revise their guidance on considerations for people with sensory sensibilities.
  • Initiated a pan-Europe sharing of resources amongst organisations supporting Autistic people into work.

Also in the pipeline are:

  • A CPD accredited Mentor training course
  • Corporate relationships

Here is some of the feedback we’ve received

From the conference:

  • “Very Useful – looking at different aspects/viewpoints involving autism.”
  • “Thank you so much, it has been brilliant – so relevant and insightful for an autistic very late diagnosed woman and parent/carer working in local government bus struggling to maintain FT employment and remain healthy (physical and mental) and thriving. Please do run this conference again.”
  • “Fantastic event! So many different points of view. Very glad to see AP being made welcome to the event.”
  • “Was great to have a diversity of experiences in different contexts. Really generous sharing of experiences – thanks for all. Great day!”
  • “Really useful, welcoming environment. Great presentations with examples and advice”

From our talks:

  • “I found the talk very useful because I had never thought about some of the things that you mentioned before.  You are quite right in that many traits personal to autistic people can be used in workplace settings to great effect and allow the person to make a valuable contribution to business.”
  • “I found your talk inspiring and encouraging.”
  • “Thank you for a great talk. It was really interesting.”
  • “I firstly want to thank you, today was so insightful and a great experience. For someone who has recently been diagnosed (at 35), it is so great to hear that there are advocates and some incredible support out there as well as companies really wanting to learn and understand neurodiversity.”
  • “Very Useful – looking at different aspects/viewpoints involving autism. Valuable!”

About our website:

  • “Your blogs are invaluable, thank you!”
  • “I came across your website this afternoon and found the information really useful and have already shared the site with two of our young people who have autism as it’s such a brilliant resource!”
  • “employmentautism.org.uk has been so helpful – thank you for the resource.”

About the support we have given:

  • “Thank you for this!! You star, thank you!”
  • “AA* is a gem, very helpful and understanding and pointed me and my son in the right direction with his Autism.” *staff member
  • “The support provided was perfect. I am so grateful for the help that was offered.”
  • “Thank you so much for everything. I greatly appreciate everything you have done for me, my nephew and the kids at the college.”
  • “Thank you for your very informative reply, I am very grateful that you have offered me so much advice.”

We welcome your comments and suggestions for events and activities. Please contact us

Employment Autism

January 2024