I am applying for work

When you apply for a job, you are beginning a process that will enable you and the employer to decide whether you want to work together. They will be trying to establish whether you can do the job and you will want to establish both whether you can do the job and be happy working there. There are numerous opportunities for you and them to decide if this is or isn’t going to work out as you go through subsequent stages of the recruitment process.

Getting a job in a small company could be as simple as speaking to someone you know who is willing to give you a try. Bigger companies usually have longer, multi-stage processes taking months without a guarantee of a job at any stage.

Take good care of yourself throughout the job search process

The job search process may be stressful. You may get support from family, friends, your GP.

You can find information about organisations offering support with health and wellbeing at this link

You can look for jobs in lots of different ways. It is important to look for multiple job opportunities as it’s unusual to succeed at your first attempt

Most people use a combination of methods in the following list to find suitable opportunities to apply for:

Word of Mouth: Not all jobs are advertised and open to competition, so it is always worth asking people who know you well if they know of anyone who has a job that would suit you.

Government website: The government lists jobs on a website where you can create and account and look for suitable jobs. There are different websites for  England, Scotland and Wales and Northern Ireland.

Sector specific publications: if you are looking for a job in line w