Agency case study – Aspiring Solicitors

Case study – Agency supporting neurodivergent and other minority group solicitors

Chris White is the founder of Aspiring Solicitors. We spoke to him about the company he has founded, Aspiring Solicitors which helps its members secure training contracts in law firms.

My message is that the legal profession needs to look beyond their traditional profile of recruits and see the value that others can bring.

While working as a corporate solicitor I became aware of the lack of diversity in the law profession and the apparent discrimination within it. I left my job and set up Aspiring Solicitors to support solicitors to find training contracts and work, regardless of their ethnicity, social background, sexual orientation, disability or long term health condition – people do not only fit within one of these groups so there is a need to consider all the elements of a person’s diversity.

I set up Think Talent in conjunction with a bank and five law firms to create work experience opportunities for candidates with autism and other neurodivergent conditions. I have subsequently worked with over half of the top 100 law firms, and 15 large corporates.

To date I have helped over 300 people secure jobs and nearly 600 to find work placements. Up to 10% of these have had a neurodivergent condition.

Although Aspiring Solicitors works within a competitive marketplace, we have a charity mentality in a commercial world.

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