Attending the interview

For all interviews and assessments, arrive in good time, appropriately dressed, knowing who you need to ask for upon arrival and with your interview plan (if applicable) handy.

Since diagnosis, I have always been open and honest at interviews about my autism. This has generally not been a problem for me

Kevin – autistic employee

Types of interview

Interviews happen in many different ways, and it is impossible to predict every combination here. You should ask beforehand for information regarding interviewers, agenda, location and duration. Sometimes there might be additional tests or assessments to undertake as part of the selection process. You may be asked to do these at home (normally online) or you may be asked to do them at the interview location before or after the interview itself. For more information on tests and assessments see our section above.

When you first meet the people interviewing you, you will need to introduce yourself. They may extend a hand expecting you to shake it. If they do, you should shake the hand firmly and make eye contact as you do so, provided it is not painful for you.