Before the interview

It is helpful to know what the interview process is going to be to do well and reduce the potential for anxiety.

Preparation is key!

Devoting time to preparing for the interview helps you by:

  • Reducing your anxiety: It is impossible to eliminate anxiety, but having an idea of what you think an interviewer might ask you about and/or what you’d like to tell them can help. For other tips on reducing anxiety relating to the interview itself, see the section below on ‘Attending the Interview’.
  • Improving your chance of getting the job: devoting some time to identify some great examples of experience or skills you have that make you the right employee for them, will help you to talk about them more confidently during the interview
  • Making it easier to transition into the role if you’re successful: Being fully prepared means that you’ll also be ready to ask key questions to help you increase your understanding of the work.

Everyone gets nervous in interviews whether they are autistic or not. To reduce your anxiety, try to prepare as much as possible in advance. The following lists contain suggestions for how to prepare.

I generally research a job well before I go to an interview so that I am able to work out what the questions are likely to be – that way, I can prepare ans