Dean Beadle – autistic freelance speaker

The autistic freelance speaker talks to Employment Autism about aspects of his career and about self-employment. In the video Dean refers to his informal discussions with autistic people about the workplace.

It’s given me freedom – I have the choice to say no

He told us it’s not easy to run your own career, but it could be the right thing for some people.

There’s an uncertainty about self employment that has been difficult, but for me positives of self-employment outweighs the negatives

Dean has just released his song “Me and your normal are done”. He says, “It’s about dismissing the negative attitudes society often has about autistic people and celebrating who we are. We hope it will empower autistic people as well as being food for thought for non-autistic people”.

On being self-employed

On being self-employed

On becoming a public speaker

On interviews