Disclosing to an employer

You are not required to disclose your autism to a potential future employer during the interview process.

It would be unlawful and potentially discriminatory under section 60 of the Equality Act 2010 for an employer to ask you questions about your autism before making you a job offer

There are a few limited exceptions to this, such as where the potential future employer is looking to establish whether or not there is a duty to make reasonable adjustments in connection with the recruitment process (for example, by asking you if you need the interview to take place in a certain format). Any such questions should be phrased in a broad and generic way and should not require you to specifically disclose the fact or nature of your autism.

Our section on applying for work has more information on telling an employer that you are autistic.

Employers and work providers also have duties when an applicant or employee discloses that they are autistic, and when recruiting and managing autistic employees.

Our Resources section has more information about services offering legal advice on employment matters.