Employee case study – Ministry of Justice

Mac – autistic employee

Managing stress is just as important as seeking out profit

I joined the civil service in 2017 through the Civil Service Fast Track Apprenticeship Scheme. About 1 year later, I was diagnosed autistic. Having an earlier diagnosis might have helped the transition into adulthood and work – it may have given me coping strategies earlier.

On sharing my diagnosis

It might make it more difficult to gain employment when you disclose, but in the long run it will run you down not to.

Disclosing (sharing my diagnosis) was a no-brainer for me for two reasons:

  • prior to my diagnosis it affected me at work because I didn’t understand why people were upset when I’d been very honest with them and I would often wonder why people were upset when I told them my opinion after they specifically asked for it. I was just offering my thoughts exactly as they had asked. Now they all know that when they ask me, they get honest and specific advice. I don’t know how else to give it.
  • because of my dyslexia, (which I was diagnosed with at 16) I knew that it was important that people knew right from the beginning. I feel like it’s an extra layer of protection for me.

Especially if you have a disability which is a protected characteristic (which autism is) and you disclose, you can ask for adjustments. Most of my adjustments did not cost anything to implement, but this may not be the case for everyone.

I was able to drop the façade of what I thought the ideal employee should be.