Looking after yourself after the interview or assessment

Now is the time to rest and recharge. Make sure you give yourself time afterwards to regulate your stress levels and relax. The key is to do what helps you most. You might like to try choosing from the following ideas:

  • Planning a quiet evening in to give you recovery time
  • Spend time diving into your special interest
  • Listening to music you love or sitting in silence if that feels better
  • Going for a walk in the fresh air on your own
  • Spending time with a pet
  • Having a favourite meal prepared for you, or getting a take-away
  • Watching a programme that you enjoy – especially if you’ve seen it before
  • Having a bath or a shower
  • Once you are home, enjoy stimming to the max
  • You may feel both exhausted and wired, but don’t forget to go to bed as early as you can. Sleep will help you to recover quicker.

Once you have had chance to recover, send them a note, thanking them for seeing you. It keeps you in their mind and creates a very positive impression.

When you’re ready, you should reflect on the process and whether you still want the job. It is important to remember that an interview is a 2-way process and you are deciding whether you want to work there while they are deciding whether they want to employ you. You both need to want to make it work for things to progress.

Try not to obsess about the things you could have done better, the interviewer won’t know that you might have forgotten to say things and you might still be the best candidate and get the job even if things didn’t go entirely as planned!