Review your company research

If you have done some research when you completed the application, this stage will use the information that you have already collected. If you did not find out information about the organisation before, read about research in our section on applying for work.

For the interview itself take your notes with you to refresh your mind before you go into the interview. They should include:

  • Your job analysis and interview preparation. If you did not complete one for the application, do it now to improve your interview preparation.
  • Think about your answer to the question, ‘why do you want the job’ and other possible interview questions. Use our download on potential interview questions to help.
  • Do you have any evidence of work or a portfolio of work that you have done which is directly relevant to the job? If so, take it with you.
  • Find out the company dress code by asking in advance or checking out pictures of employees on social media to give you a starting point. What do people wear and how formal is it?