Seeing the work environment for the first time

Your first step should be to consider whether the situation could be improved by your employer making changes to your environment. Your employer has a legal duty to make reasonable adjustments to its working environment and practices to ensure that you are not disadvantaged as a result of being autistic.

If you feel like changes would improve your working environment you should contact your (prospective) employer explaining:

  1. that you have autism and your needs;

  2. the issue you are having and why you feel disadvantaged; and

  3. the change you would like and how you feel this change would improve the situation.

In the unlikely situation that the working environment cannot be improved by reasonable adjustments and you do not wish to work for that employer,  much will turn on whether you have signed an employment contract and what the terms of that contract are.

If you have not formally accepted your role or signed an employment contract it is likely you will be able to walk away from the job at this stage.

If, however, you have signed an employment contract you will need to examine its terms carefully and we would recommend seeking specialist advice on this. Many contracts of employment, for example, contain probationary periods whereby either party can terminate with a much shorter notice period but this is not always the case.

See our Resources section where we have more information about services offering legal advice on employment matters.