Your appearance and what to wear for an interview or assessment

Find out what clothing is appropriate to your industry and make sure that it is clean and comfortable

If you unsure of what to wear, you could ask in advance, look for pictures of the company’s employees on their company website and on social media, checking that they are in similar roles to yours. What is appropriate will vary with the role and organisation.

Make sure you look:

  • Clean, well-groomed and tidy – This applies to you – your hair, hands and personal hygiene, as well as your clothes which should be clean and well-maintained. No holes or frayed edges.
  • Body odour is bad – If you get sweaty when you are nervous, make sure you have time to cool down before the interview and wear clothing that doesn’t make it obvious.
  • Dress according to the role and company culture – different industries have different dress-codes:
    • If in doubt, dress slightly more, rather than less, formally for the interview than you think you’ll have to for the job itself.
    • If you are applying for a creative roles or within a creative company it may be appropriate to express your individuality in colour, cut and pattern.