Alternatives to interviews for autistic candidates

We’re in 2023, yet I find it really shocking that we still adhere to the same interview structure from back in the dark ages of decades ago. Not much has changed and the traditional job interview has had its reign for far too long, acting as potentially discriminatory towards those who may not perform at their best in this format.

There are various alternatives available and a lot of this will ultimately depend on what the job is, and what is suited in terms of finding out how the person best matches and supports the job role in question. I would always recommend that the employer engages with potential candidates to see what their individual accommodations are, and whether they have a leaning towards a particular type of interview style.

As always, I emphasise this approach for all candidates, and using this as a benchmark for best practise all round.

Below is a list of suggestions for what may work for your potential candidates; but it is in no way prescriptive, nor is each method set in stone in any way. These are all different ideas that give the employer the chance to see how a candidate is trul