Successfully recruiting autistic staff

We all know that autistic candidates are highly employable and skilled, but for various reasons are disadvantaged with regard to the recruitment process, and this is reflected in low rates in employment amongst the working autistic population.

There are different ways in which an organisation can approach its recruitment efforts, and I write about this in more detail here in ‘Alternates to Job Interviews’. However, for the purpose of this blog, I will cover recruitment tips for the traditional face-to-face interview that entails the typical question and answer format.

Firstly, and I can’t keep emphasising this enough, but awareness and acceptance training around autism and neurodiversity more generally is so key. And its thoroughly important to have refresher training, as terminology and research moves on relatively quickly, so being up-to-date with this is vital, especially when working in recruitment.

Job descriptions

These are sadly notoriously bad. Awful in fact.