Back to the (hybrid) office

Covid-19 has altered our relationship with how we work. And reconsidered it entirely

Whether this is because our employer has now adopted working from home as a general principle, or perhaps we’ve caught glimpse of another way to live and be. Maybe we were furloughed or made redundant. We’ve all had to adapt, irrespective of reason. March 2020 was the time the UK went into national lockdown, and many of us quickly accustomed to home working.

It was an uncertain, anxiety-provoking time. And one which I genuinely thought was temporary. I remember the suddenness of it all, combined with the newness of it all. The novelty of the situation as we adapted to virtual meetings and sticking our washing on in the middle of the day. Other than the odd outdoor social to meet my team in the summer, and the occasional day back in the office in autumn 2020, I’ve spent this time working entirely from home. I must say, I liked it

As a highly efficient worker, with fantastic focus, I was able to complete my work in just a fraction of the usual time, allowing me ample time to pursue other projects and interests. Or simply just to rest.