Dogs for wellbeing

I am a huge fan of dogs. And for anyone who follows me on social media (@mahliaamatina), or my work more generally, will know that my dog (Jasper) is a big part of my life. As someone who struggles with anxiety, I often get lost in long thought-loops of unhelpful thinking patterns.

By having a dog, I find him to be an important concrete focus of something outside of myself

I have to feed and water my dog, give him his meds, ensure he is walked and goes outside for breaks. He offers unconditional love, reminds me to breath properly and helps me to relax. Not to mention the fact that he is devoted and provides me with reassurance, security and great companionship. I could very literally write multiple blogs about the benefits and joys of dog ownership alone.

In terms of how dogs can help you be healthier at work, I know I definitely notice a substantial difference when my dog is with me